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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an electronic signature and a digital signature?

The term “e-signature” is often confused with “digital signature”. An e-signature is a legal concept, resulting in an enforceable online process. Digital signature refers to the encryption technology used in a number of security, e-business and e-commerce applications, including e-signatures. In short, we take the best of both technologies and provide you an ELECTRONIC signature application that is built on DIGITAL signature security.

Are electronic signatures secure?

Yes. Security is always at the core of what Identillect provides, when an organization chooses to sign online with customers, partners and suppliers. Secure Digital Signature provides three levels of security:

  1. User authentication: Secure Digital Signature offers multiple ways to verify the signer’s identity, including traditional login/password, secret question/answer, or passcode.
  2. Document authentication: Once a document is signed with Secure Digital Signature, it is locked down with a digital signature (essentially a tamper-proof seal). Unlike paper-based contracts and signatures which require careful attention to detail and rely on the human eye for verification, e-signed contracts based on digital signatures can automatically flag any errors or alterations. So any attempt to alter the document’s contents will render it invalid. Plus, it is not possible to copy and paste a signature since Secure Digital Signature also secures the signature blocks with a digital signature. Even with all this security, we make it easy for you to verify the authenticity of the document and signatures – in just one click.
  3. Audit trails: Secure Digital Secure captures all the digital fingerprints which people leave as they go through a signing process. These are captured in two types of audit trails: a document audit trail (what the signer signed) and a process audit trail (how the signer signed). Secure Digital Signature resonates with legal and compliance teams because these audit trails provide visibility into when and how the transaction took place – something which simply isn’t possible in the paper world.

What are the top security features to look for in an e-signature solution?

Strong security requires the right mix of people, processes and technology. Taking a multi-pronged approach to e-signature security in the cloud will ensure your records (and the records of your customers) are handled and managed appropriately:

  1. The ability to choose the appropriate level of authentication for each of your processes (internal processes require less authentication, while external processes with customers typically require stronger authentication).
  2. Protecting e-signatures and documents from tampering.
  3. Making it easy to verify e-signed records.
  4. Ensuring the long term reliability of your e-records.

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