Delivery Trust® Gmail Plugin

Start sending secure emails for as little as $7.95/month!


Popular Features

Gmail Plugin

Convenient and Easy to Use

The Delivery Trust® Gmail Plugin enables secure messaging directly from your Chrome browser instance of Gmail. Simply hit "Secure Send" instead of the regular "Send" button to encrypt messages and enforce any control measures desired.

Complete Control

Customizable Security Layers

Customize security features for each message:

  • Expiration Date
  • Viewing Privileges
  • Security Questions
  • And More!

Sent a message to the wrong person? No problem; retract sent messages at any time.

Secure Replies

Recipients Reply Securely

Recipients view and reply to your secure email in our secure web portal without having to register, download, or purchase anything!
Their secure responses will automatically decrypt in your Gmail inbox associated to the Delivery Trust® account.


Get Help Anytime

Our support team is available any time of day, even after normal business hours.

Regulatory Compliance

Protect your Organization

Despite varying state & federal data handling regulations, email encryption remains one of the few unanimously accepted methods to maintain compliance.