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Education Professionals

Secure Email for Education Professionals

Why do I Need Secure Email as an Education Professional?

Education professionals are responsible for securing information between teachers, administrators, parents, and student’s sensitive data in electronic communications. Email being the most common format of electronic communication. Identillect Technologies provides a tailor-made service for education professionals to secure all forms of communication and electronic signature. We work on a wide variety of email platforms and ensure seamless use for inbound and outbound communication.

  • Education professionals are responsible for protecting critical student sensitive information from the occurrence of a data breach.
  • Data Breaches routinely encompass nonpublic personal identifiers which are the main source of identity theft.
  • Emails are considered vulnerable to unauthorized access and need to be protected in order to prevent a breach of personal private student data.
  • Financial Service professionals are required to safeguard the security and confidentiality of student information in physical or electronic form.

Secure Electronic Signature

Why do I Need Secure eSignature as an Education Professional?

Education Professionals who utilize secure electronic signature services increase productivity, create greater accuracy, maximize security, and maintain a complete audit trail.

  • Proof of signature and detailed audit trails are present with electronic signature, this provides a valuable audit trail.
  • Maximize the security of all documents with encrypted electronic signature to provide your students with maximum personal protection.

Compliance With Regulations

What Regulations Must I Comply With?

Education Professionals who use secure email and secure electronic signature provide the best security for their students, teachers, and administrators, ensuring complete compliance with FERPA.

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